Adding JS to custom buttons in the Skin

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Adding JS to custom buttons in the Skin


I would like to be able to include the help version number in the OLH output. One that is dynamic... meaning it automatically increments when I build the WebHelp.  The Skin has an "About" tab but only allows you to upload a graphic file.  The Skin's WebHelp Toolbar tab allows you to add a custom button to appear on the toolbar, and then on the Styles tab you can configure it with some JavaScript to run when the button is clicked on.
I've managed to get this to open a simple alert ~ alert("I am an alert"); ~ but there seems to be a very limited approach to what JavaScript can be used. I was hoping to be able to open a window that displays a webpage from within the project that has the day and time variables. For example, clicking on the about button opens a html page that shows "Help Version Number" 5.0.1-{date}-{time}.
Can anyone help me figure out how to write JavaScipt to open a project htm file? Or has anyone any other ideas for including a dynamic help version number to the output?

Please help.

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